Sophia’s Inner Landscapes

SOPHIA IS THE archetype of inner landscapes. Sophia is identified with Anima Mundi/World Soul and Mundus Imaginalis – the inner landscapes of forms and archetypes from which our outer landscapes are a manifestation and a materialisation.

The Sophia archetype, as Anima Mundi/World Soul and the divine feminine, perfect nature, also embodies a holistic view of humans, nature and spirit. The mysterious otherness of nature in which the sacred is revealed is characteristic of Sophianic Wisdom and perception.

Sophianic perception is ta’wil harmonic perception. It is participatory, mystical and consciously archetypal – recognising the ability to perceive on several levels simultaneously. It is the antithesis of Cartesian objectification, the I-It world, materialist reduction and dualism.

Behind and within the Postmodern Ecological Landscape is the Sophia Wisdom Archetype. Postmodern ecological writers indicate that it is the inner landscape of the psyche from which the imagination springs, that creates the outer landscapes of our being in the world.

As will be shown, these are also the arguments of the Sophianic Mazdean and Sufi mystics and their archetypal ‘visionary geography’, as translated and interpreted by Henry Corbin. Inherent to mundus imaginalis/imaginal landscapes and Sophianic harmonic perception (ta’wil) are the inner archetypal landscapes of the soul.

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